What to Do with Old Chainsaw Chains?

Chainsaw chains, over the course of their usage, tend to wear out, and eventually, most people opt to replace them. However, many wonder what to do with these old chainsaw chains.

This issue not only poses a question of efficiency but also one of environmental responsibility.

The good news is that there are multiple ways to repurpose old chainsaw chains, turning them into useful tools or works of art. This not only saves you from simply discarding them but also brings new life to an otherwise discarded item.

Instead of letting them gather dust in the corner of your garage, dive into this article to explore the creative and practical ways to give your old chainsaw chains a second life.  

You’ll be surprised at the potential uses that lie within an old, worn-out chainsaw chain. So, read on and be inspired by these innovative ideas.

What to Do with Old Chainsaw Chains: A Step-by-Step Guide

There are many ways to do with old chainsaw chains. Some practical and useful ways we discussed below are:

Transforming Chains into Garden Tools

One of the most practical ways of reusing old chainsaw chains is by transforming them into garden tools. This could be anything from a sturdy hand hoe to a rake.

Step 1:

First, determine the type of garden tool you want to create. This will guide you on how to shape and mold the chainsaw chain.

Step 2:

Next, using a welding machine, shape the chainsaw chain into the desired tool. Remember to wear appropriate protective gear during this process to ensure your safety.

Step 3:

Once done, let it cool down, and then clean it thoroughly to remove any residual metal particles.

Step 4:

Lastly, attach a handle to your newly formed tool. This can be a piece of wood or metal, depending on your preference.

Crafting Intricate Metal Artwork

Another way to repurpose old chainsaw chains is to create intricate metal artworks. With a little creativity and patience, you can do it. So, go through their steps:

Step 1:

Start by brainstorming the kind of artwork you want to create. This could be anything from a simple abstract piece to a more complex sculpture. Draw a rough sketch of your idea for reference.

Step 2:

Clean your chainsaw chain thoroughly to remove any dirt or oil. This is an important step to ensure the durability of your artwork.

Step 3:

Using a welding machine, start shaping your chainsaw chain according to your design. Take your time during this process and constantly refer to your sketch to ensure accuracy. 

Step 4:

Once your piece is complete, let it cool down before cleaning it. Use a metal polish to give your artwork a shiny, finished look.

Creative DIY Projects Using Old Chainsaw Chains

Old chainsaw chains can also find new life in DIY projects, allowing you to explore your creativity while reusing materials you already have on hand. Projects can range from functional items to decorative pieces.

A Unique Photo Frame

A very simple yet creative way to repurpose an old chainsaw chain is to create a photo frame. The chain gives the frame a rugged, industrial look, making it the perfect home for your most adventurous snapshots.

Chainsaw Chain Coasters

Another interesting DIY project is creating coasters from old chainsaw chains. These unique coasters will not only protect your tabletops but also add a touch of rustic charm to your home decor.

Chainsaw Chain Jewelry

If you’re into creating your jewelry, consider using small links from the chainsaw chain. With a bit of polishing and creativity, you can create unique bracelets, necklaces, or even earrings!

Chainsaw Chain Knobs

Old chainsaw chains can also be repurposed to create unique knobs for your drawers, cabinets, or doors. These distinctive knobs can add an industrial feel to your furniture and help refresh their look.

Chainsaw Chain Curtain

If you have a number of chains to spare, why not make a curtain? This could be a creative room divider or even an outdoor curtain for a pergola or gazebo.

Eco-Friendly Disposal Methods for Old Chainsaw Chains

You may be considering disposal if you have exhausted all possible uses for your old chainsaw chains. However, it’s essential to do this in a way that minimizes environmental impact. Here are some eco-friendly disposal methods you can employ:


Most chainsaw chains are made from steel, a highly recyclable material. You can take your old chains to a local recycling facility where they will be processed and reused in the manufacturing of new products.


If your chainsaw chains are still in decent condition, consider donating them. Schools, community centers, or local artists might find them useful for craft projects or activities.

Trade-In Programs:

Some manufacturers or retailers offer trade-in programs where you can exchange your old chainsaw chains for a discount on new ones. This not only saves you money, but ensures that your old chains are disposed of responsibly.

Hazardous Waste Disposal Programs:

If your chainsaw chains are heavily rusted or degraded, they might be considered hazardous waste. Many cities offer specific hazardous waste disposal programs. Contact your local waste management facility to learn more about these options.

How to Upcycle Your Old Chainsaw Chains into Useful Tools

Upcycling old chainsaw chains into useful tools can be a cost-effective and environmentally friendly approach. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can transform your old chainsaw chains into practical tools:

DIY Chainsaw Chain Wrench

Here are some steps to follow for proper working for a DIY chainsaw chain wrench:

  • Clean the chain thoroughly to remove rust, dirt, or oil. This will make the chain easier to handle and safer to work with.
  • Next, take a measurement of the chain to determine the length of your desired wrench. You can adjust this to suit your specific requirements.
  • Cut the chain to your desired length using a bolt cutter or similar tool.
  • Now, weld the ends of the chainsaw chain together to form a loop. This will act as the handle for your wrench.
  • Finally, attach a suitable metal head to the loop to complete your wrench. This head can be a piece of scrap metal, depending on what you have available.

DIY Chainsaw Chain Hook

Another practical tool you can make is a hook for hanging items such as tools, clothes, or even bicycles. Some useful procedure to follow is:

  • Clean your chainsaw chain thoroughly. 
  • Measure and cut the chain to the length that fits your needs.
  • Take one end of the chain and bend it into the shape of a hook. Ensure the hook is large enough to hold the items you wish to hang.
  • Weld the hook to ensure its strength and stability.

These are just two examples of how you can upcycle old chainsaw chains into useful tools, but the possibilities are endless!

With a little creativity and some basic tools, you can give old chainsaw chains a second life and reduce your environmental footprint at the same time.

Artistic Endeavors: Transforming Old Chainsaw Chains into Art Pieces

Old chainsaw chains can be transformed into stunning pieces of art that can add a unique touch to your home decor or even be presented as personalized gifts. Some ideas are as follows:

Chainsaw Chain Sculptures

One of the most common artistic endeavors involves creating sculptures from chainsaw chains. This can range from small tabletop statues to larger, freestanding pieces. The sturdy and flexible nature of chainsaw chains allows you to manipulate and form them into a variety of shapes and designs.

Chainsaw Chain Wall Art

Consider mounting cleaned and polished chainsaw chains on a wooden or metal backing for a more minimalistic approach to creating unique wall art. The contrast between the rustic chain and the clean backing can create a striking effect that will catch the eye.

Chainsaw Chain Wind Chimes

Wind chimes made from chainsaw chains not only look unique but also produce a distinct sound that can be quite soothing. Attach chains of varying lengths to a sturdy base to create a set of wind chimes. You could even paint the chains in vibrant colors for a more playful look.

Chainsaw Chain Garden Decorations

Chainsaw chains can also find new life in your garden. You can create garden stakes, trellises, or even decorative edging for your flower beds by molding and twisting the chains.

Final Words: What to Do with Old Chainsaw Chains?

In conclusion, old chainsaw chains need not be discarded thoughtlessly. Instead, they can be repurposed into useful tools, turned into art, or disposed of in a manner that is friendly to our planet.

The recommended method to follow is transforming chains into a DIY chain wrench – it’s a practical tool that can also serve as a testament to your ingenuity and resourcefulness.

Thank you for taking the time to read!

Have you ever upcycled old chainsaw chains into something unique and practical? Share your ideas and experiences in the comments below – we’d love to hear your stories! 


Are chainsaw chains recyclable?

Yes, chainsaw chains are recyclable. Metals such as steel, which chainsaw chains are commonly made of, can be recycled at local recycling centers. However, contacting your local recycling facility is best to ensure they accept chainsaw chains.

What to do with old chainsaw chains stihl/Husqvarna?

Old Stihl/Husqvarna chainsaw chains can be recycled, upcycled into practical tools, or transformed into art pieces. Check your local recycling guidelines, consider DIY projects such as a chain wrench or hook, or create unique sculptures or garden decorations.

What can a used chainsaw chain be used for?

Chainsaw chains can be used for making knives and swords, but also old saw blades, railroad spikes, etc.

Do chainsaw chains go bad?

Yes, over time and with use, chainsaw chains can become dull or damaged, making the work more difficult and more dangerous to the user.

When should you throw away a chainsaw chain?

You should discard a chainsaw chain when it becomes excessively worn or damaged. Signs include difficulty cutting, a need to apply excess pressure, or the chain slipping off the guide bar frequently. 

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