Where Is The Serial Number On A Stihl Chainsaw – 3 Quick Methods

Where Is The Serial Number On A Stihl Chainsaw

STIHL is a leading brand in the chainsaw market thanks to its high-quality products and customer satisfaction.

 If you own a STIHL chainsaw or are planning to buy one, knowing where to find the serial number is essential, as it offers necessary information about your chainsaw.

The location of the serial number on a Stihl chainsaw can vary depending on the model. However, it is typically found on the crankcase or a metal plate near the handle.

This article will explore where the serial number can be found on a Stihl chainsaw, providing the knowledge you need to maintain and service your trusted tool.

Where Is The Serial Number On A Stihl Chainsaw?

STIHL chainsaw serial numbers are typically found in one of these locations:

  1. On the crankcase, usually below the muffler or exhaust.
  2. On the side of the chainsaw housing.
  3. Above the rear handle, on the chainsaw’s underside.
  4. On a sticker or metal plate attached to the housing.

Remember that the serial number is a mixture of letters and digits, varying in length from 9 to 15 characters.

Locating The Serial Number On Different Models Of Stihl Chainsaws

While the serial number’s location remains consistent across most models, variations may occur. Here are ways to locate the serial number across popular STIHL chainsaw models:

  • Electronic Chainsaws (MSE series): On the chainsaw’s side, close to the rear handle.
  • Gasoline Chainsaws (MS series): Engine housing below the muffler.
  • Pole Pruners (HT series): On the side of the engine housing.

Why Is The Serial Number Important?

The serial number is a unique identifier for your chainsaw, serving various purposes like:

  • Registering your product for warranty purposes.
  • Ensuring authenticity, proving it’s a genuine STIHL product.
  • Easy identification during maintenance or ordering replacement parts.
  • Reporting stolen chainsaws, making it easier to track and recover.

How To Read The Serial Number Of Your Stihl Chainsaw

STIHL chainsaw serial numbers follow a specific format that reveals essential information. Here is an example:

Breaking it down: 2010 – The year of production (in this case, 2010). 1234 – The unique identifier assigned to this chainsaw. X – A placeholder for the manufacturing plant code. 9 – The manufacturing week number.

Tips For Finding The Serial Number In Hard-To-Reach Places

Some chainsaw models might have their serial numbers placed in hard-to-reach places. In such cases, follow these tips:

  1. Use a flashlight to illuminate the chainsaw and spot the serial number.
  2. Use a mirror (or your phone’s camera) to see areas not easily visible.
  3. If the serial number is on a sticker, clean the area gently to make it legible.

How To Properly Record Your Stihl Chainsaw Serial Number?

To ensure the serial number’s easy accessibility, follow these steps:

  1. Take a clear photo of the serial number and save it to your computer or cloud storage.
  2. Please write down the serial number in your user manual and keep it in a safe place.
  3. Register the serial number through the STIHL website or a certified dealer.

Additional Information To Look For On A Stihl Chainsaw

  • The model number is important information to look for on a STIHL chainsaw, and it can be found near the rear handle or on the starter housing.
  • The model number provides specific details about the type of chainsaw you have, which can be helpful for maintenance and repair purposes.
  • The manufacturing date code is another crucial piece of information to look for, and it can be found stamped onto the engine housing or printed on a sticker attached to the saw.
  • The date code can help you determine the age of your chainsaw and whether it is still covered under warranty.
  • Some STIHL chainsaws may also have a product identification code (PIC) that provides information on where and when the saw was made and any modifications or updates made during production.
  • Keeping track of this information is helpful for maintenance and repair purposes and determining the value of your chainsaw if you plan to sell it or trade it in.

Why You May Need To Locate The Serial Number

Locating the serial number on your STIHL chainsaw is important for several reasons. If your chainsaw is lost or stolen, having the serial number can help law enforcement officials identify and recover the saw. 

The serial number can also be helpful for warranty and repair purposes. It allows you to confirm that your saw is still covered under warranty and helps technicians locate the right parts and manuals for your specific model. 

Additionally, if you plan to sell or trade in your chainsaw, having the serial number and other identifying information on hand can help you accurately determine its value and negotiate a fair price.


The serial number of a STIHL chainsaw is important information to have if you need to order replacement parts or service your saw.

 Knowing where to locate the serial number and other relevant information ensures that your chainsaw is appropriately maintained and operates safely.

 Whether you’re a professional arborist or a homeowner who occasionally needs to trim trees, taking the time to familiarize yourself with your chainsaw and its identifying information can save you time, money, and headaches down the road.


How Do You Tell What Year A STIHL Chainsaw Is?

You can determine the manufacturing date of a STIHL chainsaw by locating the serial number and using a decoding system provided by the manufacturer. The first two serial number characters indicate the production year, with the following characters showing the production week.

Where Is The Serial Number On A STIHL 028?

The serial number on a STIHL 028 chainsaw is typically on the side of the chainsaw’s engine housing near the exhaust port. It is a combination of letters and numbers that can be used to identify the year and specific model of the chainsaw.

What Do The Numbers On A STIHL Chainsaw Mean?

The numbers on a STIHL chainsaw typically represent the model and engine size, with higher numbers indicating more powerful and advanced models. The specific meaning of each number can vary depending on the model and year of production.

Where Is The Serial Number On A STIHL 461?

The STIHL 461 serial number is located on the starter side of the chainsaw, on the housing beneath the exhaust system. It is a combination of letters and numbers unique to each chainsaw.

How does STIHL number their saws?

STIHL numbers their saws based on a system that denotes power output, features, and intended use. The model number typically starts with letters indicating the series (e.g., “MS” for chainsaws), followed by a number signifying the relative power and feature set within that series.e.g MS, MSA, or MSE + numbers + letters.

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